CABRAKAÄN was formed in Toluca, Mexico in 2012 and have been calling Canada home since first performing in the country at the 2017 Metalocalypstick fest in Lone Butte, BC where the beauty of the North won them over and encouraged them make the grand decision to relocate.
Their debut EP “Songs From Anahuac” was unleashed in 2014 and displayed a mix of death, folk, and symphonic European influences with Prehispanic instruments along with storytelling of Mesoamerican mythologies (Aztec, Mayan, Tlaxcaltecan, Olmecan) plus Mexican folklore such as La llorona, La Bruja, Day of The Dead.

Wasting no time in Canada, CABRAKAÄN are currently completing production on their follow up full length album entitled “Cem Anahuac” set for release in spring 2018. The album will be an expression of pride for their roots, history and traditions along with their love for metal and traditional music from their home country of Mexico